Mounting Your Barn Quilt

Your barn quilt can be easily mounted on your building exterior with owner provided stainless steel hardware. The barn quilts are light weight. Approximate weights are: 18″X18″= 3 lbs, 24″X24″= 5 lbs, 36″X36″= 11 lbs, and 48″X48″= 19 lbs. 

  • Purchase stainless steel nail, bolts or screws depending on the exterior of your structure.
  • For wood, metal, vinyl or bead board exteriors first drill a hole in the siding. Coat the hole on metal structures with clear nail polish to prevent rusting. Drill a “pilot” hole in your barn quilt.
  • For concrete block or brick walls use a concrete drill bit and concrete sleeve anchors.
  • For mounting on a Recreational Vehicle (or mounting a small barn quilt on your porch or gate) attach exterior double stick Velcro on the surface and on the back of the block so the block can be removed when the vehicle is in motion.
  • For concrete board (HardiPlank), drill a starter hole before attaching fasteners to prevent splitting the concrete board.
  • On permanent mountings we recommend fastening down all 4 corners.

This owner wanted a small 3 X 3 foot Ohio Star to fit on the hay loft door yet leave it operable. As you can tell the Ohio Star is popular in Ohio!

Let’s place a barn quilt on your property!

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