**** IMPORTANT**** SHIPPING SUSPENDED UNTIL TEMPERATURES ARE ABOVE FREEZING. Instead, consider a Gift Card for your 2019 Christmas Gifts to be shipped when temperatures permit. Placing an order in this Shop Tab means you acknowledge it will be shipped to your recipient probably in the spring. Be sure to include their address.

WHY? Excessive cold temps are not good for freshly painted barn quilts (after the paint “cures” they are fine outdoors in all weather conditions). Local pickup is still available provided you can transport the barn quit INSIDE your heated vehicle.

When shipping resumes in the spring please note:

1- We ship only the 18″ and 2′ barn quilts. The 3’x3′ and 4′ x 4′ size Barn Quilts are available only for local pickup at my studio here. The sizes and weights make shipping costs prohibitive for large barn quilts.  But you can still buy a 3’x3′ or 4′ x 4′ barn quilt in this shop.  Just select “local pickup” during checkout.

2- Actual size on the 2′ barn quilt it is 23″X23″. This is to enable them to fit into shipping boxes with corner protection. The 18″ are true to size.

Be sure to check out ALL THREE pages of patterns to choose from! Looking for an earlier pattern? Check out the Customer Photos Tab.


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