Shipping Policy

We ship using UPS only to ensure safe delivery to your destination.

Yes, shipping is more expensive to you than picking up your barn quilt at my studio in Oregonia, Ohio (near Lebanon Ohio, North of Cincinnati).  If you are able to pick up your barn quilt check the Contact tab for a Google Map to my studio.

UPS has several components to their shipping charges: the actual shipping cost, the day and time the item is shipped, delivery to your residential address, and surcharges depending on the size of the shipment. I bring all boxed barn quilts to my local UPS store early in the week and early in the morning to prevent additional shipping charges. The shipping charge calculated at the time of purchase by the UPS on-line calculator may differ slightly from the actual cost at the time it is shipped, but you will not be charged any additional amount.

For example:

  • The actual shipping cost is dependent on the distance between my studio and your residence; the farther away you live the more the shipping cost (based on zip codes).
  • Shipping late in the week, late in the day or on weekends increases the shipping cost.
  • The delivery to your residential address is approximately $4.80 (2019 rate).
  • UPS Additional handling surcharge $14.25 (2019 rate).  This applies to shipping a 3’X3′ barn quilt.
  • UPS Large package surcharge $115 (2019 rate). This applies to shipping a 4’X4′ barn quilt making shipping cost unreasonable.

Please note: We expect all shipments to arrive in excellent condition, that is why we choose UPS as our shipper. Claims for damage are to be processed through UPS.  All sales are final. Sorry no returns shipments accepted.

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