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How about getting your sweetie a gift for Valentine's Day that they will enjoy all year long. Our barn quilts are made to last for many years outdoors in all weather. We have barn quilts outdoors from Maine to Texas to Washington State enduring all types of weather. Your barn quilt can be made in a size and color pattern to complement the barn, shed, house, garage or gate. Since each barn quilt takes 3 weeks to complete, place your order now. Looking for a Large Size traditional pattern barn quilt made to last for years? Then you are in the right place. Learn why: go to the "About" Tab and choose the dropdown "What is a Barn Quilt" to see how they are made. WE ARE OPEN ALL YEAR BY APPOINTMENT to receive custom orders or for a studio visit in Oregonia Ohio (N.of Cincinnati, near Lebanon Ohio). See the Contact page for a Google map.
We now proudly display barn quilts locally in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana as well as Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, Washington DC, Washington State, Wisconsin, Grand Mannan in New Brunswick Canada and Germany! As a recent customer said "Never before have I had anyone work so hard to please their customer, it is perfect, I absolutely love it. I cannot thank you enough for making this for me. The ordering experience with your care and detail to the project has been amazing." So....let me make one for you! --Joan