The June 2020 Shows Go ON!!!

Yes!! The June 2020 Shows will go on! Our 2 events are defined as “Stores” not carnivals or fairs so the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Governor’s Office have approved them to occur. There will be added protections with vendors wearing masks and there will be hand sanitizing stations. You are free to wear you mask if you like. Check out the Events and Venues Tab for dates and locations. Hope to see you there!

Staying Safe at Home and SHOPPING!!!

Sunflower Barn Quilt

We may still be social distancing but we are not social distancing from our computers! On line sales for barn quilts have been brisk. I am missing bringing my barn quilts to art shows just as much as you are missing them. We can satisfy both our longings by having me make a barn quilt for you.  Check out the designs on the Gallery Tab and the Customer Photo tabs. Current patterns can be ordered on the Shop Tab. If its not on the Shop Tab contact me on the Contact Tab to place your order.

Welcome Vintage Market Days Shoppers

Crossed Canoes Barn Quilt

Crossed Canoes Barn Quilt

Although we cannot be meeting in person today, be assured you will get the same attention you would have gotten at the Vintage Market Days art show scheduled for this weekend.  Just like at the shows, I may have your desired barn quilt ready made, if I need to make it for you in your desired size and colors it will take about 30 days. It is after all art! You can order your barn quilt through the shop page or contact me through the Contact Tab. You can also email me at I look forward to making your dreams come true. Sincerely, Joan

Spring Sale Until 4/30/20

Folks are really liking this 10% off spring sale. The sale will continue until April 30,2020 so get your orders in. Turn around time is 30 days. Yup I have the studio filled with barn quilts in progress and even the dining room table has been employed as a work surface. Looking forward to making one for you!

Autumn Star Barn Quilt

Autumn Star Barn Quilt

Four Fall Leaves Barn Quilt

Yup Still Painting!

Infinity Barn Quilt

With the Corona Virus quarantine I am getting a lot of painting done. Barn quilt orders are coming in from folks who really wanted to attend an Art show that was cancelled. I can make a barn quilt for you too. Check out the Gallery Tab and the Shop Tab for current designs. If you don’t see one you want, go the 3 pages on the Customer Photo tab for earlier designs.